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A response to “Welcoming The Gifts God Sends Us”

The article “Welcoming The Gifts God Sends Us” brought out some important points. After reading it I posted something along the lines of the following on Facebook.

I would add that in addition to the neglect of several of the “Five Fold” ministry gifts in many local churches it also appears to me that those in the pastoral role are usurping the leadership position reserved to Jesus alone. In my observations pastors of local churches appear to be acting as “stand ins” for a living and very much present Jesus. Rather than being taught to “look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith” and respond to the gentle leading of the one who is proclaimed as The Good Shepherd in scripture, the “congregation” has been trained to be an audience of a man or woman with a title given by a group of other men from an organization that is extraneous to the local church itself. The teaching of the Protestant Reformation of the “Priesthood of the Believer” has been ignored and neglected and the pastor is now essentially the Protestant priest. Here we see the position that belongs to Jesus alone, of High Priest, also being given second place, if that, to the man on the stage. Speaking from personal experience, on the few occasions when the  designated speaker called the pastor allows  an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to have free reign in the meeting, there ate so called “worship leaders” who jump into the priestly position and the “audience” rivets their eyes and attention onto them. Many Is the time I’ve been in a meeting where the Spirit of the Living God has come amongst His people to teach, lead, touch and heal when out of the blue one of the educated priestly class have butted in and redirected or often even aborted the precious moving of Holy Spirit. If they had submitted themselves to our loving Lord Jesus, any number of good works and mighty blessings may have occurred through and unto ordinary Sisters and Brothers in Christ for the building up of their most Holy faith and Spiritual edification, But instead the Spirit was quenched and flesh was glorified at the cost of the whole, many membered Body and the people were kept in their place of second class Citizens of The Kingdom. Certainly I accept and welcome true Elders, pastors and teachers as an important part of the Body Of Christ, but never at the expense of the Headship, Lordship, Kingship of Jesus Himself or at the cost of relegating my Brothers and Sisters in Christ to that of mute, restrained and intimidated church mice who because of unscriptural church structures and hierarchies have become spiritual midgets instead of giants, Turkeys instead of eagles and pussy cats instead of lions who can if necessary roar like the prophets of old. Yes, freedom is dangerous, especially to old wine skins that won’t yield to the Spirit of the living God.IMG_0068